37 | Supercharge Business Productivity with These Practical and Incredible AI Use Cases, with Chris Carr, President and CEO of Farotech

Featuring: Isar Meitis, Chris Carr

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Has AI Already Taken Your Job and You Don’t Even Know It?

The AI revolution is here and it’s advancing at lightning speed. In this episode, expert Chris Carr joins host Isar Meitis for an eye-opening look at how AI is transforming business. You’ll learn practical strategies to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to boost efficiency and dominate your competition.

On this episode of Leveraging AI, Chris Carr, an experienced entrepreneur and AI expert, runs a digital marketing agency called Farotech and just completed an AI certification from MIT, talked about these topics:

  • Generative AI creates custom video/audio/images tailored to your audience
  • Assistants like Pi analyze content and provide strategic insights
  • Multimodal AI understands visual info, not just text
  • Plugins & extensions enable frictionless transactions through AI
  • Regulated industries can use private AI models and stay compliant
  • AI drastically cuts time for tasks like proposals and customer service
  • Restructure your business to fully capitalize on AI capabilities

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