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Harness the power of Generative AI in every aspect of your business – transform overwhelming tools into strategic business processes, and learn how to integrate ChatGPT and other Artificial intelligence tools for business success.

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Every day you are not taking this course costs you more than the entire course”

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We also provide private courses tailored to specific company/organization needs. It is the ultimate way to catapult your organization to the AI era.
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Knowledge and skills you'll gain

Generative AI Strategies

Discover how to leverage generative AI tools and techniques to solve business problems.

Learn how to enhance your business strategy by incorporating AI tools into the workflows of different departments.

AI is changing business strategy for the better

Maximize Impact

Develop a clear plan, tailored to your organization’s needs that identifies low-hanging fruits for AI adoption. 

Seamlessly integrate AI tools into company workflows, including company strategy alignment, market research, product development, content creation, daily office tasks, and much more. 

An AI agent connected to all company processes

Become a Change Agent

March your company into the AI era and become the change agent in your organization. 

Learn how to empower employees throughout the organization to use AI in an effective and ethical way, and create real business impact.

Company employees are all collaborating effectively using AI
AI is changing business strategy for the better
An AI agent connected to all company processes
Company employees are all collaborating effectively using AI

What our course graduates think

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Course Syllabus

• What is Generative AI – short history and background
• Introduction to different categories of generative AI
• Generative AI basic use cases for business
• Hands-on exercises using top tools

• Most advanced generative AI tools for text and data analysis use cases
• Text: Strategy development, Marketing content creation, Customer sentiment review, etc.
• Data collection and analysis: Market research, Financial Analysis, Customer Reviews, Sales Analysis
• Hands-on group exercise

• Most advanced generative AI tools for Images, video and audio related use cases
• Creating: YouTube videos, podcasts, social media videos, website Q&A videos, and how to videos, saving 75-95% of the effort compared to traditional ways.
• How to use AI vision (image analysis) 
• Hands-on group exercise

• Common systems and processes
• Who and how can AI be integrated into such systems and processes
• How to identify the best opportunities for AI in your business
• Group mini-project
• Action Items – a detailed check list for you to start revolutionizing your organization

Your Mentor Isar Meitis

Isar Meitis is a 4 time CEO with a passion for teaching and mentoring, who drinks and eats AI tech. Isar has always been a teacher by heart, from his early days as a flight instructor at the Air Force Academy, all the way to current days where he mentors CEOs.

As an experienced CEO (who grew a business to $100M), Isar has a holistic approach to business processes and this course is a great example of it. Isar aims to empower individuals to maximize their potential through systems and processes and produce a positive business impact within their organization.

Isar has built and implemented technology, systems, processes, and teams in a wide variety of organizations, from small tech startups all the way to multi-billion dollar corporations.

The unique combination of Isar’s business leadership experience (as a CEO, Investor, and advisory board member) with his passion for tech and mentoring makes him a highly sought-after speaker and instructor.


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